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Swimming Pool Maintenance Allen is an experienced swimming pool maintenance company serving homeowners in the Allen region. Finding a pool company in the Allen, TX area that cares more about customer satisfaction than we do would be difficult. We desire to be the best in the city it's why we developed an industry leading pool maintenance guarantee. Owning and cleaning a swimming pool in Texas can be a very challenging and time consuming operation for Allen residents to do themselves. We understand this problem and are here to help. Our business is family owned and operated serving Allen Texas with two generations of swimming pool management experience.

For Allen we Designed a All-inclusive & Essentials Pool Maintenance Plan

* Advertised Starting Price   ( Monthly plan cost is based on a four week billing period )

For customers who have a spa attached to your pool, all pool maintenance prices listed will include your spa and this can adjust the monthly service price.

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Our Allen technicians use pool products, equipment, parts and supplies from top brands like Hayward, Pentair, Polaris and Jandy.

Managing Allen Pools in 23 Points of Care

Every week one of our professional Allen swimming pool technicians will perform these services and tasks:

Pool Chemicals and Water Balancing
  1. Total Alkalinity - manage Stabilize the pH with sodium bi-carbonate.
  2. Calcium Hardness (Water Hardness) - check
  3. pH Factor - manage Balancing acidic vs basic water.
  4. Cyanuric Acid - check Looking for the proper amount.
  5. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) - check Checking and measuring the amount of impurities.
  6. Chlorine - manage Disinfect the pool water.
  7. Chloramines - manage Harmful to eyes, we get rid of them.
  8. Saturation Index (Calcium Precipitation Point) - check
  9. Salt Content - managed on saltwater swimming pools
  10. Total Chlorine (includes chloramines) - manage
  11. Temperature (for pH factor calculation) - check Evaluate pool temp for better pH adjustments.

Pool Equipment Checks
  1. Polaris / Pool Sweep: operation checked
  2. Polaris / Pool Sweep (cleaned & checked)
  3. Skimmer baskets (cleared and checked)
  4. Polaris / Pool Sweep debris bags (cleared and checked)
  5. Valves inspected Inspected and adjusted for best pool circulation.
  6. Filter backwashing: monthly for DE filters - weekly for sand filters
  7. Pump strainer baskets (cleared and checked)

Regular Pool Maintenance
  1. Venturi / Leaf Vacuum *
  2. Hose Vacuum *
  3. Net pool surface and pool bottom *
  4. Brush walls and steps
  5. Brush spa

* All-inclusive Pool Maintenance Plan Only

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» View the Essentials Pool Maintenance Plan Cost and Details

All Pool Plans Backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee

The peace of mind of every Allen homeowner is important to us. See Details »

Our Service Route Coverage

Whether you reside in the Allen 75002 or 75013 zip code (or a nearby area), we can provide you with weekly pool maintenance from our knowledgeable and dependable pool technicians.

Pool Partners

We believe Allen homeowner recommendations are the best form of new customer growth. As a result we also love to support up and coming companies in the pool maintenance line of work that we know do great work, such as Deerfield Beach Neighborhood Pool Care from Deerfield Beach, FL.

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It's a Joy to Serve the Allen Metro Area

With our pool maintenance plans, which are backed by our Pool Maintenance Guarantee, your swimming pool will look refreshing each and every time you walk out to enjoy it!

Send us a message or call us at (469) 656-7615 if you would like to get on our weekly service for pool maintenance or inquire about pricing.

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